Over the last two decades, globally recognized photographer Dorit Thies has earned a stellar reputation as a go-to talent for beauty, hair and fashion clients looking for inspired and memorable solutions to their most high-profile projects.

Clients such as Estee Lauder, GLAMGLOW, SEPHORA, Revlon, Urban Decay, French ELLE and GLAMOUR seek out the LA-based photographer for her consistent ability to conduct and manage shoots that produce premium work that is done efficiently, on schedule and on budget.

Balancing her work as a fashion, beauty and branding photographer with her fine art photography, Dorit has in recent years expanded her repertoire to include floral still-lifes, landscapes, portraits and other evocative compositions. Her first botanical compositions earned her an invitation to Europe to present her images at a solo show in early 2020.

Always expanding her creative horizons and skill sets, Dorit’s passion for impactful imagery and directing have led her to new opportunities in visual storytelling, including experimental videos and other formats.

Languages: English & German

Located in Los Angeles, California, USA. Born and raised in Germany.

Phone: 001 213 505 5562

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PHOTO ©2023 Marc A Dumont


We all have unique GIFTS, and their true VALUE is realized when shared with OTHERS

Being remembered as a GOOD person is a continuous journey rather than a destination

I LOVE dipping a chocolate croissant into my hot coffee, I know it’s messy…

Sustainability is such a cliché word but I do WORRY about our planet every day

Going on a hike regularly serves me as a constant source of INSPIRATION and TRANQUILITY in my life

My favorite element is WATER and I love being submerged in it

I ENJOY all kinds of music but it has to be the BEST of

I want to be young at HEART and old in SPIRIT, embracing the present moment and finding joy in my journey

The older I get the more EXCITED I feel about life


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  • While I served as Executive Design Director at GLAMGLOW, I had the pleasure of working directly with fashion/beauty photographer, Dorit Thies, for 18 months. We worked on high-caliber branding campaigns targeting our end-use consumers and Sephora stores worldwide. Dorit has a keen, amazing eye for glamour, beauty and all related details. She works quickly and is extremely creative. A great collaborator and easygoing and alert on set, Dorit manages a professional and reliable team during the whole production process.
  • She created results far beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Dorit for any brand that’s looking for a talented, experienced photographer because she is a strong team player and geared towards our business success.
  • -Deborah Norman, Executive Design Director at GLAMGLOW
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  • I've worked with Dorit on numerous campaign shoot's with Estee' Lauder's Beauty brand, GlamGlow and have always enjoyed and appreciated the collaboration. Dorit is incredibly creative and it shows in the results of the shoots, the images are always beautiful as she thinks of all aspects of the image. She is professional and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing more in the future!
  • - Lisa Abrams, Producer at Oui Productions
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  • I have worked with Dorit Thies on several photography projects in the recent past, including cover and layout shoots for Nail It! Magazine, a fashion layout for Kurv. Magazine and several lifestyle and e-commerce shoots for BedHead Pajamas. I believe that her strong vision including her lighting skills is what makes her stand out. Her lighting has a special quality to it. She is a strong creative force who develops high-level beauty, fashion concepts and stories. She is kind, generous and very professional on set. Because of all the qualities she is a dream to work with. She shares her set and has a lot of respect for others who add value to the concept. She is collaborative and a team player.
  • -Naz Afshar
  • Creative Team Leader and Manager | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Visual Design | Branding 360° |

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  • "Dorit’s creative eye and ability to not just capture the shot, but the experience, the feeling, is what sets her apart. Her enthusiasm and professionalism from start to finish makes the entire process extremely enjoyable."
  • -Kate Martini, Creative Director, ALOXXI International
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  • "Dorit Thies is an outstanding professional in her field of beauty image photography. She created exactly what we had in mind for our new REVLON LASH product launch. As Creative Director of Pacific World Cosmetics, I needed someone like Dorit who gave us the confidence that we were in great hands. Her well-rounded knowledge about the industry, the creation of the images, her technical skill and easy-going personality made this production a pleasure. We are extremely happy with the results".
  • -REVLON Art Department